Why are tickets more expensive than some other shows?

For one, we try to guarantee that every seat that’s open to the public has a good view of the stage and backdrop. Second, this is a large-scale production. Each of our companies includes some 80 dancers, orchestra musicians that perform with us full-time, singers, emcees, and production crew. Each performance also features over 400 handmade costumes (made in New York State!); say nothing of the digital animation. Also, we are a traveling production—as we try to bring the performance to every corner of the Earth—we rarely stay in a given city for more than a few days. This is different from a show that stays in one place for weeks or months.

Also, we create an entirely new production every year! That means world premieres every year of all-new choreography and musical compositions, along with completely new costumes, digital backdrop designs, and more. When you think about the number of creative artists and performing artists involved in this, it is artistry on a scale like nowhere else.

Here’s another way we’ve heard some audience members talk about it: You can’t compare it with other forms of entertainment. For example, if you bring a child, compare the cost of a Shen Yun ticket to what you invest in their education, cultural and artistic activities, healthy growth, and in creating memories that last a lifetime. And some have said that the uplifting energy of the performance, and the feeling of hope it leaves you with, are in fact priceless.