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    A Global Phenomenon

Millions have seen Shen Yun. Standing ovations at the world’s top venues,
royalty attending in Europe, sold-out shows throughout North America, and packed
houses across Asia have made Shen Yun an international phenomenon.

Shen Yun has graced some of the world's most prestigious theaters, touching the hearts of millions. Top: Kodak Theater in LA. Bottom: Lincoln Center in NYC.

A Global Phenomenon

EACH SEASON we produce an all-new show and tour with it around the globe, performing at the world’s top venues—Lincoln Center in New York, Kennedy Center in Washington, the London Coliseum; our Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra has played at Carnegie Hall and this year is touring other revered concert halls across the United States.

Our sold-out audiences include star actors, fashion leaders, government VIPs, and international celebrities. We look forward to seeing you among them at one of our next shows!