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Shen Yun Review: Catherine Lorenze, media producer

“[I was] not only entertained but really inspired and incredibly captivated because the dancers are so exceptional: The level of dance there, their acrobatic movements that they’re doing, they are so light on their feet… Just as a producer myself, I really actually did find the whole performance incredibly inspiring… How the characters come alive off the screen and pop up from down below stage, it was really exceptional. I was really, really blown away. It wasn’t anything I expected and it was a super, super surprise for a performance… [The part] about what’s going on in communist China today was incredibly striking and very moving—quite shocking because it’s so real. It actually is happening and going on there. So I thought that was incredibly thought-provoking and beautifully presented, too, in terms of its seriousness and yet bringing it across in a very artistic manner. Very well done.”

Catherine Lorenze, media producer