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Shen Yun Review: Rep. Ken Buck, Member of Congress

“Oh, it’s really heartwarming. It was a beautiful performance, beautiful dance, and the music was beautiful. But what I really loved about it was the cultural aspect, how the Chinese culture was displayed and accepted by the audience. I really felt that it was a special moment here to see that... I think that whenever you have a group of people who are expressing themselves through art, and the colors were so bright, and the music was so beautiful, and the dancing was so, so talented, that it’s just uplifting, including the messages that were delivered, with the compassion, the truthfulness, and tolerance, and all of the positive things that the stories portrayed—all bringing that together was really beautiful… Because we are challenged right now with the pandemic, and because we’re challenged in other ways, I think people are depressed and really searching for something positive, and this performance was very positive and uplifting… Get out here! I would tell everyone to do their best to try to see this performance, and to make sure that they share it with their friends in the community because, it’s great if one person sees it; it’s even better if ten people know the positive message. ”

Rep. Ken Buck, Member of Congress