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Shen Yun Review: William King, Founding member of Grammy-winning “Commodores”

“It was absolutely great. I would say it deserves a Grammy… I would say it deserves a Grammy. But it was really written well, you know it all meshed together, and there were always moments of ups and downs and, you know, the way it made you feel going through the whole thing was the way that I think that it should have been. I was really mesmerized by it, I loved it. If I, I think that I would have loved to have met the conductor, and also the writer… I loved the choreography with the music. Whoever did it—it was seamless. I mean, they really, the music, whoever wrote the music, whoever did the dancing, the choreography—it was seamless, it was very special, the way they did it. And of course the dancers are just incredible. I mean, no matter how well you choreograph something, you have to have someone that can deliver… We saw the screen behind it—which was a thrill to me, I really loved that—the animation, basically, part of it, and how you mixed the animation and real action together was incredible. It was worth coming just to see that.”

William King, Founding member of Grammy-winning “Commodores”