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Shen Yun Review: Lee Kenna, electronics company chairman

“I’m delighted! I think it is an example of such wonderful training, such beauty, and of course tradition and history and the legends of China, which are very interesting to me. But the culture, which most Americans don’t get to see, I’ve heard about all my life, and I’m glad to be exposed to it more now… Americans train individually, to do things with their own accomplishments, this is an example of people who have trained together to perform something majestic that could not be done by an individual, I think. Each of these individuals is very talented; together they’re magnificent… That man came from the heavens and has been given a mission, and that hope can overcome evil and fear—I think those are wonderful messages. For me, this is just a beginning of a fulfillment of understanding more about the wonderful culture of China.”

Lee Kenna, electronics company chairman