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Shen Yun Review: Delano Johnson, best-selling author & international speaker

“Not very often are you successful at using art to convey a spiritual message, even though spirituality and art is synonymous, like they’re actually one. So I think the directors of the show, the choreographers of the show, they did an amazing job conveying that… It was just a very basic, core, fundamental message of human beings… I loved the orchestra, I thought it was, as a matter of fact, if I wasn’t like one row away from the orchestra, I would have thought it was a music soundtrack, right. Because it was just done so, to perfection… I’m Christian, and so I saw a lot of things, metaphors, that related back to living a life where you’re spiritually aware… [In] Western society, these ideas kind of overshadow the things that’s underground, which is really, the true core of who we are, and how we live, and how we’re supposed to be as human beings… We are all very similar, and there are core things like forgiveness, and love, and hope, right, and sacrifice—all these things, being able to roll into one idea, of these are the things that make us who we are… But it really, really communicated a deepfelt emotion that I think the whole cast and everyone in their performance, everyone gave that. It was really a spiritual journey… Well done, well done. We’ll be back again. For sure, most definitely.”

Delano Johnson, best-selling author & international speaker