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Shen Yun Review: Andy Esser, financial consultant

“It’s mindblowingly good. The quality of the costumes, the performance, the storytelling through dance—it has just been mesmerizing to be here to see it all come together… The authenticity, bringing things back to the traditional roots, and then the quality of the execution, of how it has all come together—despite the persecution, despite everything that has taken place in China today—for them to be able to preserve all that, it’s like transporting us back in time. I think it’s a worthwhile mission, it’s a worthy mission, and thank goodness that there’s something like Shen Yun to bring that forward… Especially when it brought in a lot of the religious contexts, the idea of the atheism, how that draws us away from the divine, it helped to channel, and to realize that we’re all creatures of the divine. It brought a whole different dimension to it. It isn’t about commerce, it isn’t about population, it isn’t about the colorful costumes, it’s about bringing things back to the glory of the Creator, of the divine, of God, what have you. And so it spoke to us all on a universal level... It’s an explosion of culture, and also of art form, and as a result creates a very memorable experience.”

Andy Esser, financial consultant